Monday, May 17, 2010

here we go again

debbie is a whore

Debbie the slut bag hoe

Debbie schlussel is a jew bag of a whore. This nasty fat bitch has nothing better to do then to write lies about every muslim that hits the news. Debbie, if your reading this... Fuck you Fuck your mother and fuck everything you represent. I hope you rot in hell you stupid bitch. Oh ya, you forgot to hate on Lebanon for kicking Israel's ass and proving that we created hommus. So take your fucking slut ass back to Israel because everyone knows that zionists like you are the rotting souls that are doomed from birth. Rot your ass in hell you fuckin whore. From dearborn michigan, Im checking out. P.s. Rima Fakih you rock!!!!! thanks for giving debbie that bitch a new story to bullshit. Jealous bitches like debbie always will hate. Fuck you debbie again and again.